SRHA's projects are very simple and very practical. Therefore, they are very easy to manage, monitor and evaluate. SRHA focuses at grass root level, its approach to a problem is purely participatory, project beneficiaries are stakeholders and empowered partners rather than recipients.

    Terminated projects

    • School uniforms for 101 students;
    • Construction of two rest rooms with 16 seats for boys and girls/students at Atse Yohannes Elementary and Secondary schools Mekelle, Ethiopia;
    • Home Gardening project for 300 urban and rural women;
    • Assistance for 30 street children;
    • Assistance 28 Acer computers to Atse Yohannes Comprehensive Secondary School, Mekelle, Ethiopia;
    • Hope Newsletter Development;

    Projects on pipeline:

    • Extension of Home Gardening project
    • Extension of Assistance for Street Children
    • School Project

    SRHA prioritizes training; there is no substitute for training. Training is the basement and the cornerstone for all sorts of development. Projects without training package seem to be unacceptable.

    SRHA members do conduct training in project areas as required voluntarily.